How to organize betting contests for friends and family

There are many ways for friends and family to have fun and get together. We all need to be able to enjoy some free time with our loved ones and the people that we like spending time with. We are social by nature and the process of being able to maintain that level of social engagement is always a great thing in our lives. What is more, we also love competing.. Today, we are going to tell you about how you can organize a great betting contest for friends and family.

Pick your sport

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you pick a sport that most people will like or at least understand. Betting on sports does not require that people know everything about the sports rules or the teams involved. The same goes for betting on sports that are played individually, such as tennis or martial arts. What matters is that everyone can make a decision based on very basic facts about the teams or the athletes involved.

We suggest that you go for something like a betting pool. You could have a pool that goes beyond winning or losing. For example, if a martial arts event is coming, you could create a pool that has people guessing the entire main card. Let’s say that there are five fight in a single event in total, this means that the pool could be made in a way that will allow the person who guesses the largest number of fight outcomes right. If more than one person is able to guess everyone right, the pot will be split between everyone that guesses the same amount of fights correctly.

Get everyone together for the details

You need to get everyone together one day to collect the pool money from each person at the same time. This is going to allow you to see how much money will be in the pot. Then you can officially start the pool and give people the chance to submit their decisions. You could set the rules so that people can submit their decision on a specific day before the event. A couple of days before is a good idea to give them ample time to decide.

Make it a party

A great way to celebrate the day of the event is to hold a party with every person that is part of the pool. You can have your own event at home and this is going to make the process much more fun. The first fights will start to give away who is getting more guesses right and this will make things even more interesting. The adrenaline truth that comes from the last few fights and from being one of the people who chose most outcomes correctly is always a great thing. To manage betting contest you can use whatever you want: facebook messages, forum, excel spreadsheets or online tools like Betfolks app.


There are many ways to bet with friends and family, and a nice betting contest is always a great way to break out of the routine and enjoy some fun with others.